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Considerations When Shopping for a Motorized Treadmill for Home Use

Some men and women first get their own treadmill by buying a used one they find listed in classified ads or see at a garage sale. It might not be entirely suitable, but they want to try out an inexpensive option before buying a brand new motorized treadmill. What if they don’t like this type of exercise?

Machines for Home Use

Eventually, those that do enjoy the experience start shopping for a brand like Weslo, which also produces elliptical machines and exercise bikes. They might like to have a model that isn’t so large, so they don’t have to keep this exercise machine in the basement. They want one that is very reliable and not subject to breaking down. That causes the inconvenient need to figure out how to fix it or the extra cost of paying a service technician to repair the machine.


Reading reviews about machines in this brand and comparing them with other equipment can provide sound insight about the advantages. The manufacturer boasts a large number of positive reviews for a variety of aspects regarding the machines, such as ease of use, convenient size and dependability.

What Consumers Want

The owners feel that the manufacturer has paid attention to what consumers want in home exercise equipment. That doesn’t always correspond precisely to the devices used at a fitness center, which can be much larger and heavier, and include a much broader range of features to satisfy their big customer base. Each individual typically only uses a small group of features, though. They don’t need the most expensive machinery in their home, where only one or a few people will be using it.

Weight Considerations

These buyers will, however, need to consider the weight the treadmill can handle if someone in the household is on the heavy side. Some of the narrower equipment intended for home use or small gyms can handle weight up to 275 lbs., which will be suitable for most customers. Too much weight typically causes the treadmill to stop running while in use or not turn on at all. This is to prevent overheating of the motor.