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Examining The Specifications Of Benchmade Automatic Knives

In Tennessee, consumers looking for better self-defense products examine tactical and everyday knives. The products feature automatic opening mechanisms that prevent unwanted delays in protection. Each of the knives provides light-weight options that are a better alternative to firearms. Examining the specifications of the automatic knives help consumers locate the best products for their needs.

3150 Impel Automatic Knives

The Lerch product features an automatic opening mechanism with push-button quickness. The blade length is 1.98 inches or 5.03 cm. The blade thickness is 0.100 of an inch or 2.54 mm. The knife is 5.03 inches when it’s open and 3.06 inches when it is closed. The handle thickness is .035 of an inch or 8.89 mm. The total weight of the product is 1.39 ounces.

The product offers a satin finish and standard clip type. It is constructed of aluminum and recommended for everyday use.

3300 Infidel OTF Automatic Knives

The infidel knife is a maximum length of 8.91 inches with a 3.91-inch blade. It measures five inches when it is closed. The blade thickness is 0.118 of an inch, and the handle thickness is 0.59 of an inch. The total weight of the product is 4.9 ounces. The product features a push slider opener. It also offers a bi-directional tread pattern for easier gripping.

3300BK Infidel Black Bladed Knives

The Black Bladed knives are created for reliability and strength. They are great products for officers and hunters who wear gloves often. The overall length of the product is 8.91 inches long with a blade length of 3.91 inches, and the handle thickness is 0.59 of an inch. The product measures 5 inches when it is closed. The weight of the product is 4.9 ounces. It is constructed of anodized aluminum and offers a double action push slider opening mechanism.

In Tennessee, manufacturers provide a variety of self-defense products. The knives are constructed of strong materials that are durable and long-lasting. The products feature fast opening mechanisms that offer faster protection without delays. An online supplier offers a full inventory of the products that include options for law enforcement. Consumers who want to learn more about the products are encouraged to contact Benchmade right now.