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Benefits Of Getting Procuring Office Coffee Service

Everyday estimated 62 per cent of Americans drink coffee. Chances that your employees are among the people who love coffee are high. That means you need to consider getting office coffee services for your staff. Office coffee services have been known to improve productivity, culture and health of the members of staff.

Coffee has been proven to make people more alert, and that means when introduced in the workplace, the employees’ productivity can potentially increase. Coffee makes one more focused and alert because of its ability to stimulate the brain. Adenosine which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain is blocked by caffeine that gets into the bloodstream when coffee is drunk. This allows other neurotransmitters to be increased which in turn make neurons in the brain to be fired. That means when you take coffee, the functions of the brain take place at a higher speed than before. For productivity to improve reasonably, the right amount of coffee should be consumed.

To minimize side effects and maximize productivity an adult should consume anything between one cup and two and a half cups in the morning. Caffeine in coffee also help to create a more relaxed environment. It has been suggested by studies that even the smell of coffee has the ability to alter brain activity. The researchers caught rats and deprived them of sleep and exposed them to the smell of coffee. Proteins with antioxidants were expressed in the brain of the rats when they were exposed to the coffee aroma. The antioxidant proteins were not observed in rats who were equally depressed but not exposed to the aroma.

Employees who are provided with office coffee services feel more valued than those who do not have the services. Studies shows that employees who have access to office coffee services are happier which means they work better and are more productive. Office coffee services improve the general health of workers because it rich in antioxidants. Coffee is laden with numerous nutrients and vitamins. One cup of coffee has about 11 per cent of Vitamin B2 recommended daily. Coffee has also been known to prevent many diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s and even other forms of cancer apart from being rich in antioxidants and vitamins. That shows that with just office coffee services provided for the employees, you will have less sick days and a healthier workforce which goes a long run in improving the company’s productivity.

Provision of the office coffee services becomes almost a necessity when its benefits are understood fully. If you are looking forward to a happy workforce, start with providing office coffee services for them. You can do this by getting the services of a reputable office services provider.

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